Ashampoo Magical Optimizer


Effectively free up space on your hard drive


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With the considerable increase in size of the files we tend to handle nowadays (high-res photos, long videos, etc.), it's ever more necessary to have a bit of extra space on your hard drive.

Ashampoo Magical Optimizer is a Windows app to free up space on your hard drive; with it you can delete files you don't need on your computer without damaging the system and with excellent results.

You can select from two different procedures: manual and automatic. In automatic you just have to click the button to proceed and watch how it frees up space on your drive. If you wish to control the process and restrict file search and deletion, manual is the better option.

There are three types of files to be selected: Internet files, system files, and registry files. All this makes Magical Optimizer an excellent tool that's worth giving a shot.

10-day trial period extendible by another 30 days.

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